Did you know that the phrase Brick Layer is most commonly known term for Brick & Stone Mason?

Did you also know that the skill of brick and stone masonry is the oldest trade going?  By the fourth millennium BC  bricks were be made from local clay and silts with mud being used as mortar.    By The third millennium people invented the brick kiln for baking the bricks , also they had learned to quarry,cut and hand chisel stone with increasing precision
Masons all so learned the art of turning limestone into lime mortar which replaced mud.
In the last centuries before the birth of Christ the Greeks perfected their temples of limestone and marble.than came the Romans with the use of large- scale  masonry arches and roof vaults.  Tthis led to all the fantastic Cathedrals and Churches still in use today around the world.  We employ stone mason methods that withstand the test of time!